onsdag 18 februari 2015

Some very good old canoeing clips

There are some really good and very old canoeing clips out on the net. Here's a few I found extra interesting.

Canoeing by Reg Blomfield

Reg Blomfield, an amazing canoeist. Here he shows some breath taking and very creative tricks which I have not seen done by anyone else.

American Indian Trappers, Traders and Canoe Builders ( 1946 )

Some very good birch bark canoe building footage as well as some interesting paddling clips. Notice the short paddle shafts and how they never move the grip hand above the eyes. This makes paddling much less straining in the long run.

Grey owl (Archie Belaney)

The guy who fooled the world, he sucessfully pretended to be a native American. He literally lived with beavers, and was one of the first people realizing and speaking up about how we humans destroys the nature. There has also been made a movie about him which has some very nice canoeing scenes (with an actor who can actually paddle for once).

And this one I couldn't embed: https://www.nfb.ca/film/beaver_family/

Nipigon trails 1924

Some fantastic white water paddling and lineing scenes. As well as a bit of portage. Near the end you can see the stern paddler is for some reason splashing up a lot of water when paddling. I can't figure why, unless they were just playing around.

Voyageur - Adventure on the Mississagi, Ontario (1933)

More white water and some interesting scenes from a voyageus camp.


About a native girl who's forced to marry a trapper. Lots of interesting footage from native camps/villages.

Ikwe by Norma Bailey, National Film Board of Canada

If you have sugestions for other clips please let me know an I'll add them :)

Edit: Added Nipigon trails and Voyageur clips suggested by Murat

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  1. Hi Jonas. Really liking your posts on your new site.

    Here are 2 more old films that your readers might like

    Nipigon Trails (1923)

    Voyageur - Adventure On The Mississagi, Ontario (1933)

    1. Thanks Murat! That is some amazing white water paddling, and very interesting portage and camp scenes too. I will add them tonight!